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  • Enter an unlimited amount of applications
  • Calendar
  • Prioritise your applications
  • Set up reminders for applications that need sending
  • Add files to your applications (for instance your cover letter, CV etc.)

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Our customers’ opinions

"I have been using Jobform to keep track of my job applications for three months now. Before I had absolutely no overview regarding which applications I needed to send and when plus which applications I needed to follow up on. Now, I am completely in control of the process so when I find a position I want to apply for, I know just where in the process I am. I chose to buy the Premium membership about a month ago because then I will automatically get a notification as soon as a deadline is closing in on one of my prioritised positions.”

Lilly Barnett, NEWCASTLE
“I needed a more structured approach to my job search and a friend recommended that I try out Jobform.I tried out the first 14 days of Premium access and since then I have just been using the free version. But now I’m actually considering buying Premium again because I liked that I was able to upload my files and documents and thus having an overview of all my communication with the different companies collected in one place.”

Ignace Paquet, PERPIGNAN

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